1. Big Booty Judy
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Goofi Juice 6: Trappin In Wonderland is the ^th installment of the Goofi Juice series. Goofi Juice The drink made for your ears. In this story Y0$#! (Yoshi) finds himself in Wonderland after falling "Down The Rabbit Hole". Noting is as it was nor does he think it will be. Come on this journey as Y0$#! revisits the trap and other parts of his past. Will he find what he was sent here to or will he find much more? This project features artist like Stendo3x, Triniity, Chinaman Hustle, Mike Million with production from producers such as Dj Day, Drumma Boy, Morgan Garcia, Chinaman Hustle, Bass n Burp, Coll Quic , Vmoney Beatz, Dj Swiffy, & Illey Bishop. If ones in Wonderland why not do a lil trappin..... Whats the worse that could happen?