Yoshi Crew Ent would like to introduce Y0$#! (Yoshi) The "Nerd raised in the hood" was born Christopher Jackson in to a religious family in Cincinnati, Ohio. The mean streets of Downtown, Winton Terrace, Avondale, Bond Hill, Price Hill, and Colerain Township exposed Yoshi to the harsh realities of the inner city and helped mold him into the man he would ultimately become.    

It was at the age of 11 that Yoshi got a taste of hip-hop music while riding to and from elementary school on the bus. The drivers would play all of the popular radio hits, and it was then that Yoshi caught the Musical Bug.    

Growing up listening to Jazz, or Latin Music, or Religious tunes, Yoshi was in awe at the creative expression these artists could use to paint a picture for the listener. His teenage years found him navigating the streets of Atlanta, GA. trying to find a way up out of the struggles he had become accustomed to. Watching his older brother put out music inspired Yoshi to pick up the mic by freestyling over beats and video game intros. He wasn't taken seriously but found joy in making music, so he pursued his passion as a hobby.  

It wasn't until high school when Yoshi met individuals of a like mind and formed Jus Us in 2006. A collection of Blu (Yoshi's former moniker), Jody, Juice, and Josh. The group would ultimately evolve into Yoshi Crew Ent    

Being the party's life is nothing new for a young man hell-bent on self-expression from his original sound to his eclectic style, Yoshi has made it his goal to stand out and above the rest.  

From being a part of the Guinness World Record Cypher held during the Atlanta A3C festival, to headlining sold-out shows in Austin, Texas for the SXSW art, music, and film festival. Yoshi’s amazing show and stage presence have helped him set the tone for artists like Goodie Mob, JadaKiss, and Migos as tour support, keeping concertgoers energy rising with anticipation.    

From gracing the covers of magazines to spotlight features on cultural platforms Yoshi and Crew aren’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.    

His latest features, “Toxic” and “Soy Bueno” are available on all streaming platforms. These tracks allow Yoshi to display his versatility while keeping the party going. From video game-inspired rhythms with heavy basslines to uptempo party tracks to get the ladies popping and twerking, Yoshi has crafted a lane for himself and has targeted his fans with each new release.    

Yoshi's forthcoming Line-up includes "Ping-Pong" Ft Bantana and "Big Shot" coming to  the Project S.N.E.S (Street Nerds Entertainment Sounds) EP releasing in January, a name inspired by his love for Video games and the SNES Super Nintendo gaming system. Yoshi Crew plans on staying active, giving the people what they want.  

Stay on the lookout for more Yoshi Music, Videos, and merch coming to a city near you!